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Dear Neighbor,

I have been honored to serve as the State Representative for District 55 for almost eight years. I ran to advocate for rural Oregon and good jobs and to see our schools produce the top graduates in the state. During my time in the House of Representatives, I have seen the recession end but there are still not enough good jobs in central and southern Oregon to meet the needs of our people. We can solve this problem by working together and making sure every opportunity is seized.

During the past four terms I was able to help our district with the support of other legislators to grow the data center industry in Prineville. Today, besides the boom of the construction jobs, Prineville has hundreds of full-time jobs at wages that can support a family. That is what I mean by good jobs -- the jobs that pay enough for families to prosper. As well, I helped pass legislation that created funds for private-public partnerships for water projects that will benefit industry and agriculture. Clearly, reaching agreements that ensure water supply for agriculture and industry is imperative.

Another aspect of growing good jobs in our district is helping those that are already here. In 2015, I was able to get passed a tax bill that corrected a wrong done to our military members at Kingsley Field and elsewhere by the Oregon Revenue Department. Today, as a result, the 173d Fighter Wing remains a top spot for the best F-15 pilots to serve along with the excellent support officers and enlisted personnel. In 2018, I introduced a bill to provide enlisted members of the Oregon National Guard tuition assistance in college. Oregon was the only state to not give our National Guard this advantage when recruiting the new generation of soldiers and airmen. The bill pass unanimously.

Finally, I want to assure you that while District 55 has a lot of small schools that have budget challenges like other schools, we will continue to benefit by state allocations for rural students. I will fight to keep those allocations in place and work with teachers and administration to improve the education our kids receive.

Sincerely, Mike McLane

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