Bring Back Jobs
We can bring back jobs by using our resources for job creation and economic growth.  Hard working people create jobs – not higher taxes, new regulations, and expensive government bailouts.  The success of our local businesses, mills, farms, and ranches can move our economy forward. We must leverage the resources of our great state once again and restore prosperity to all of Oregon.

Bring Back Education

We must bring back an Oregon where our kids get a quality education that prepares them for community service and a family wage job. Parents should be able to count on schools that provide good curriculum and encourage high levels of academic achievement. Employers should be able to expect job applicants that show up on time able to read, write, and spell. And, taxpayers should be able to count on fiscally responsible decisions that safeguard their hard earned tax dollars. Our children can do great things if we provide them the tools to succeed.

Bring Back Balance
In a state with such natural diversity as Oregon, one size cannot fit all. Decision-making on issues like land use and water rights need to have more balance, embracing a vision for stewardship and empowering communities. No one will tolerate pollution and abusive practices, and I agree with that. But more unreasonable government control over our forests and water isn’t about stewardship and it won’t guarantee logs for our mills or water for our farmers and ranchers. What works for Portland won’t necessarily work in communities like La Pine, Prineville, or Shady Cove. Therefore, we must embrace our resource diversity and a model of stewardship by standing firm against pollution and abuse while allowing a more balanced and regionalized approach to resource management, land use planning and water rights.

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